1. Maol DOWN!

From the recording Fulangach

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Maol DOWN! is the sixth release from Fulangach (Resilient), Fiùran’s 4th album and is our interpretation of what the doomed cow felt as portrayed in Maol Donn of MacCrimmon's Sweetheart, an ancient pìobaireachd (classical bagpipe tune). It's not very often you get put yourself in a cow's head.

Maol DOWN! was arranged and composed by Fiùran ©2020.

It is published by FIÙRAN INC and protected by Canadian Copyright and SOCAN

Krista Grant – RockViolin
Randy Waugh – Bass Guitar and Bass Pedals
Rik Livesey - Guitar
Steve Dick - Drums

* All instruments were recorded in our home studios.
Travis Huisman, Catamount Recording, Cedar Falls, Iowa – Mixing Engineer
Scott Hull, Masterdisk NYC – Mastering Engineer