From the recording Faoinsgeulan

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An Unjust Farewell to Erin– Traditional (Arranged by Fiùran)

Bass, Sub-sonics and Scottish Small Pipes – Randy Waugh (Pìobaireachd Ùrlar),
Scottish Small Pipes – Olivier Verville (Reel set); Fiddle – Krista Grant; Guitars– Rik Livesey; Drum sounds – Steve Foley

This set begins with our original presentation of the Ùrlar (ground) of The Unjust Incarceration Pìobaireachd (classical pipe music) written by Iain Dall MacKay in the 1600s and is based on the ancient Campbell canntaireachd (a singing method of teaching bagpipes). It is believed to be about Neil son of MacKay who was wrongfully accused of murder and subsequently imprisoned on Bass Rock for nine years in 1437 by King James I. Mackay eventually escaped and was known thereafter as Neil Vass. Legend has it that in later years, he became a leading figure in the MacKay clan. To celebrate this victory in song, we pair this pìobaireachd with Farewell Erin, a lively reel. Special thanks to Olivier Verville, one of Randy’s youth bagpiping students and Pipe Major of Thuirle Thairle (Commotion) Youth Pipes & Drums band.