1. Loch Lomond

From the recording Friochd

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10. Loch Lomond – Traditional (Arranged by Murray Webster and Krista Grant)
Vocals, Fiddle – Krista Grant; Keyboards and Guitars– Murray Webster; Bass, Irish whistle – Randy Waugh.

The original composer of Loch Lomond has been lost to antiquity, but the lyrics likely belong to that of a Jacobite lament written after the Battle of Culloden. There are many theories about the meaning of the song, but the key aspect of the High Road being life or alive and the Low Road being death or dead is almost certainly accurate. A more esoteric, yet plausible explanation is that the “Low Road” is the traditional underground route taken by fairies who transported the soul of a dead Scot who died in a foreign land back to his homeland to rest forevermore. Some believe the more modern version that we sing was written to a lover who the author met on Loch Lomond and it tells a story of never meeting alive again.

Whatever meaning you take away, we hope our version of this classic song speaks to a part of you deep inside and carries you away to a philosophical place in the spirit world.