1. Puirt nouveau

From the recording Friochd

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9. Puirt Nouveau – Traditional (Arranged by Krista Grant, Randy Waugh and Steve Foley)
Vocals – Krista Grant, Drums – Mike Wetmore, Bass – Randy Waugh

Puirt-a-beul is a type of mouth-music in the Scottish Gàidhlig tradition. It often groups March-Strathspey and Reel pieces together and often include vocables (nonsense words) of often unusual topics to keep the rhythm moving. This is our rockin’ take on an old style of the set: Siud mar chaidh an càl a dholaidh, Siuthad a’ bhalachaibh, Crathadh d’aodaich a’ghaoil, O tha ‘n tombaca daor.