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8. Ardrishaig welcome the Bodachan of Huntley – Traditional (Arranged by Murray Webster and Randy Waugh)
Keyboards, Guitars – Murray Webster; Drums – Mike Wetmore; Bass, Bagpipes – Randy Waugh

Featuring an original arrangement of the classic Strathspey bagpipe tunes: Ardrishaig, Bodachan a’ ghàraidh (Little old man of the Garden), Marquis of Huntley.

A Strathspey (Strath Spè) is a type of dance tune typically played on a Great Highland Bagpipe. It is similar to a hornpipe but is slower and more majestic with its unique ornamentation (many syncopated dot-cut and cut-dot dotted eighth/sixteenth notes). The Strath Spè is named after the Strathspey region of Scotland. It was originally conceived for fiddle played in a certain style used to highlight the ornaments.

We feel Strathspeys not only lend themselves well to the Great Highland Bagpipe, but to playing on the big stage with modern instrumentation as we present it in our rendition.