1. Tha mi Sgìth

From the recording Friochd

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6. Tha mi Sgìth – Traditional (Arranged by Krista Grant and Randy Waugh)
Vocals, Irish whistle – Krista Grant; Keyboards – Murray Webster; Guitars: Steve Foley, Zach Stuckey, Drums – Stephen Dick; Bass – Randy Waugh

Fairy tales are commonplace, but have you heard of a fairy song? Well, Tha mi Sgìth is reportedly a fairy song! The other well-known title, Buain na Rainich, means Cutting The Bracken. There are many variations of the story relating to this song, but one version says that the song was originally sung by a fairy who caught sight of a beautiful girl when he was cutting bracken. They fell in love, but alas there was no fairytale ending. When her family learned of the love, they stopped the girl from seeing the fairy and they locked her away. His song mourns the situation. The tune of this song is very old and it is often used as a lullaby. In Cape Breton though, it is often sung as a Puirt à beul!