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Cumha Oighrig (The One I Love or Effie’s Lament - Melody and words by Randy Waugh, Music by Randy Waugh and Dave Mandel).
Lyrics - Randy Waugh (parallel lyrics included), Music - Randy Waugh and Dave Mandel.
Vocals and Low-D Irish Whistle – Krista Grant; Piano – Dave Mandel; Low-D/High-D Irish Whistles – Randy Waugh.

• Cumha Oighrig is a lament about unrequited love and is the response to Evening Song. It is sung in Scottish Gàidhlig only, but English words are included.

This is one of the songs on the album inspired when I was writing Evening Song, my second novel. If you purchase the book from at, you will receive 50% off the posted price by using code: NH75C


Cumha Oidhrig – Effie’s Lament
©1998, @2010 Randy Waugh

Air mo ghairm
anns an dàn
's briste mo chridhe
fad mo bheath’

O, miannach mi
ag ionndrainn fir
air a bheil mo ghaol

Thàinig am Fear Bat’
is dh’imrich thu
‘s chum ruith nan deur
gu siorraidh, gu bràth

O, miannach mi
ag ionndrainn fir
air a bheil mo ghaol

Carson a’ dh'fhalbh thu
gun fhacal slàn
cha till thu gu bràth
's mo chridhe brist’

'S tha thu an suid
ann an tìr nan craobh
mo chaoineadh gun fhiosda dhut
air do làthadh do m’ chradh

English version
You summon me
with your song
and my heart breaks
all life long

Oh how I long
to feel your touch
of the one
I love so much

But the boatman came
and now you’re gone
and my tears flow
on and on

You know I yearn
for the touch
of the one
I love so much

Why did you leave?
not say goodbye
never return
and break my heart