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Òran Feasgair (Evening Song by Randy Waugh).
Composition of words/music – Randy Waugh (parallel lyrics included) Harmonies by Madelaine King. Translation to Scottish Gàidhlig by Peadar Morgan.
Vocals, Low-D Irish Whistle – Krista Grant; Keyboards – Dave Mandel; Guitar – Zach Stuckey; Drums – Stephen Dick; Bass – Randy Waugh

• Òran Feasgair is a song about undying eternal love transmitted through time as a lullaby. It is sung in both Scottish Gàidhlig and English.

This is one of the songs on the album inspired when I was writing Evening Song, my second novel. If you purchase the book from at, you will receive 50% off the posted price by using code: NH75C


Òran Feasgair (Evening Song)
©Randy Waugh 1998

Air mo ghairm tro chrìochan tìm
ann an òran feasgair
Air mo thàladh le pongan m’eòil
gu gràdh sìorraidh
A’cur fios orm, a ghaoil
le d’fhonn binn
agus sinn a’ coinneachadh a-rithist
Le rann is rann
de rithim gun sgur
loidhne air loidhne

English Version
Summoned through the bounds of time
in an evening song
Beckoned by familiar notes
to everlasting love
You call my love
with your sweet tune
and once more we meet
With endless round
of verséd rhyme
line after line

Version Française
Convoqué par éternité
avec une berceuse sublime
Appelé par une mélodie familière
à amour éternel
Tu m'appelles mon amour
avec votre mélodie douce
Et encore une fois nous nous réunissons
avec reprises infinies
de rime de vers
ligne après ligne