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2. Èirigh na grèine Halifax (Halifax Sunrise by Randy Waugh).
Composition of words/music – Randy Waugh (lyrics included).
Vocals, Low-D Irish whistle, fiddle – Krista Grant; Keyboards – Dave Mandel; Guitar – Zach Stuckey; Drums – Stephen Dick; Bass, Great Highland Bagpipes, Scottish Small-pipes – Randy Waugh

• Halfax Sunrise - Èirigh na grèine Halifax is a song about leaving the country under an assumed identity while carrying national secrets that could potentially have an effect on all of humanity. It is about leaving a place that one will never be able to return to.

This is one of the songs on the album inspired when I was writing Evening Song, my second novel. If you purchase the book from at, you will receive 50% off the posted price by using code: NH75C