It's time again for another fan video contest :-) 

Are you interested in being part of Fiùran's legacy? It doesn't matter where you live and it's free...record a short video of yourself rocking out to your favourite Fiùran tune and post it. SImple as that. We'll choose a winner April 5th. 

Prizes to be announced

Fiùran is off to perform at the Canadian Music Week 

It's a huge honour to be invited to perform at Canadian Music week where 900 bands from all around the world will converge on Toronto to perform in about 60 venues over 5 days.

Check our Shows page for everything we have going on.

Hope you'll come rock out with us there!

Last chance for a reduced price on Friochd, our new studio album 

Hello Fiùran fans! 

Last chance to purchase Friochd at a reduced price. 

We wanted to remind you that we are in the final stretch and that up until Thursday, May 17th at midnight will be your last opportunity to purchase the digital download of Friochd, our latest album for only $6.00C at:  

Until midnight tomorrow at Click here to purchase Friochd for $6.00 ==> 

This link will go dark for good at Midnight tomorrow. 

After that, you will be able to purchase or stream the album in all your usual places (iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon music, etc), or from our Music page on our webpage for $9.99C 

From Friday, May 18th onward, click here to purchase Friochd ==>

Wishing you all peace and love, 

<3 Fiùran <3 

Friochd, Fiùran's second album is about to be released 

Some huge news: Friochd, our second album features 11 new songs and we can't wait to share it with you. The album is being mastered and will first be released to fans on our mailing list at a very special price. We can't wait for you to hear our rockin' new tracks. 

First up will be our version of the well known Skye Boat Song done up in full Fiùran style and featuring a searing guitar solo by Pedro Remiz of Portuguese metal band The Autist. This will be released in less than two weeks (April 15th), with the entire album to follow shortly after.


Fiùran releases second of two tracks from Friochd, our second album 

Here's a wee tease from Friochd, Fiùran's second studio album :-) 

This is our take on a wee traditional Scottish Gàidhlig song entitled Chì mi na mòrbheanna (The Mist Covered Mountains of Home) spun up Fiùran style. We aren't the first to record this wonderful tune, nor will be the last. 

As usual, crank up the volume on your favourite sound system and lose yourself for a moment to another place. 

Enjoy :-) And, wishing peace and happiness to all.

Play "Chì mi na mòrbheanna" // "Mist covered mountains of Home" by clicking this link.

Fiùran releases first of two tracks from Friochd, our second album 

Okay, we were thinking that one probably isn't here's tease #2 from Friochd, Fiùran's second studio album :-) 
...and there's much much more to come. 

This is our take on an ancient melody and the traditional Scottish Gàidhlig song entitled Tha mi sgith (I am tired), borrowed from an ancient melody from the Scottish Hebrides, and known to pipers as Cutting Bracken. It is a traditional Scottish Gàidhlig song which carries with it many possible tales. One possibility is that the song is that is sung by a fairy who sees a beautiful girl while cutting bracken (ferns). They fell madly in love, but as in many complex romantic tragedies, when her family found out who their daughter was smitten with, they locked her away to prevent the relationship from continuing. The fairy sings with pain and laments his loss. 

Enjoy, and don't forget to visit our Youtube page and give us a like, or subscribe to see what's coming next :-)

Play "Tha mi sgith" // "I am tired" on Youtube by clicking this link