Last chance for a reduced price on Friochd, our new studio album

Hello Fiùran fans! 

Last chance to purchase Friochd at a reduced price. 

We wanted to remind you that we are in the final stretch and that up until Thursday, May 17th at midnight will be your last opportunity to purchase the digital download of Friochd, our latest album for only $6.00C at:  

Until midnight tomorrow at Click here to purchase Friochd for $6.00 ==> 

This link will go dark for good at Midnight tomorrow. 

After that, you will be able to purchase or stream the album in all your usual places (iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon music, etc), or from our Music page on our webpage for $9.99C 

From Friday, May 18th onward, click here to purchase Friochd ==>

Wishing you all peace and love, 

<3 Fiùran <3 

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