Fiùran releases first of two tracks from Friochd, our second album

Okay, we were thinking that one probably isn't here's tease #2 from Friochd, Fiùran's second studio album :-) 
...and there's much much more to come. 

This is our take on an ancient melody and the traditional Scottish Gàidhlig song entitled Tha mi sgith (I am tired), borrowed from an ancient melody from the Scottish Hebrides, and known to pipers as Cutting Bracken. It is a traditional Scottish Gàidhlig song which carries with it many possible tales. One possibility is that the song is that is sung by a fairy who sees a beautiful girl while cutting bracken (ferns). They fell madly in love, but as in many complex romantic tragedies, when her family found out who their daughter was smitten with, they locked her away to prevent the relationship from continuing. The fairy sings with pain and laments his loss. 

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Play "Tha mi sgith" // "I am tired" on Youtube by clicking this link

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